At Elders Real Estate Paddington – we value your feedback.

“Anna first became acquainted with us around ten years ago.  She was associated with formerly That’s Property and she managed our investment property in Brassall, Ipswich.  Anna had the most delightful manner.  Her dealings with others was only positive.  We had every reason to feel entirely confident of any advice and suggestions she made.  She saw that our property was in ship-shape order at all times and constantly kept us in touch very readily regarding all tenant issues.  Indeed everything was kept so beautifully under control we really felt at total ease in not having to visit the rental home very often.  This was not so much the case with other of our investment places not under her or her Company’s control.  When it came to our selling the Brassall property, the process was completely smooth running.  Anna kept us in touch with every financial and practical move.  She was marvelous in this respect and her efforts resulted in a perfect outcome.  Anna possesses a most engaging personality.  She is quick to respond to different personalities in an entirely perceptive manner.  As for us, she identified our fun-loving characteristics.  With others she responded accordingly to their personality traits: a quality only a few are blessed with.  There is no doubt this particular talent must imply her running a strongly successful operation.  In the area of property care and sales, she could only belong to hierarchical spheres. We commend Anna dos Santos most warmly.  Nigel Smith JP, Dr John Terry” – Landlords/Vendors

“We were very grateful to Anna for the quick sale she got for us. We only had positive experiences with your company after our last management company on Australia. All the very best, Sheryl” – Landlord/Vendor

“Once again, a huge thanks for all your hard work, we really appreciate the excellent care and attention you have always afforded, to us, over the many years you have managed our investment property. We know how good you are because we speak from experience, we have had two investment properties in Victoria and your office is way ahead in every way to the property managers we have had in Victoria.” Ross & Kristine – Landlord

“Thanks Elders, for the 8 years you managed our property I found your company to deal with always responsive to our emails & your experience in dealing with the management of the property is excellent you have been a wonderful assistance.”  Ian – Landlord 

“I know what you are thinking – you read these things and think they can’t be for real – well as a long term client, I am here to say that you have found a manager you can trust.  I have been with Elders Real Estate Paddington (formerly That’s Property) since they started and over the years have watched them grown into a professional organisation which I have recommended to my friends.  So, if you are looking for a property manager with the personal touch, give these guys a go.” John Duncalfe – Landlord

“As a tenant with Elders Real Estate Paddington I have found that dealing with our Property Manager has been great.  Whenever we have needed repairs or other matters relating to the Property the matters have been resolved quickly and professionally.  Out of all the agents I have leased from in the past I have found that Elders Real Estate Paddington (formerly That’s Property) is the best and I have decided to make sure in future to stay with them for future rentals or purchases.  The professionalism they display I think all other Real Estate agents need to follow Kindest Regard, Bisa Kovac” – Tenant

“I would like to say I have been very impressed with Elders Real Estate Paddington (formerly That’s Property) over the past 4 years as a tenant. I have found them to be very approachable and helpful when I have required assistance. I have no hesitation in recommending them to friends and family.  Regards, Wayne Chapman” – Tenant

“I have been renting from Elders Real Estate Paddington (formerly That’s Property) for several years and have always found the staff to be friendly, courteous and helpful.  Any issues that I have had have always been dealt with in a professional manner.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.  Regards, Phil Morley” – Tenant

“I have been dealing with Elders Real Estate Paddington (formerly That’s Property) in the capacity of Landlord for some five and a half years now.  In that time, I have found Elders Real Estate Paddington (formerly That’s Property) to be a committed organisation ensuring that the Landlords needs are met. They have always acted professionally and have responded and dealt with any matters that have arisen promptly and efficiently. They have always communicated the tenants needs and issues relating to the property to me as a Landlord and have expediently responded to my requests for these issues to be corrected. Property inspections are held regularly and followed up with a written report indicating if any remedial work is required on the property.” – Landlord

“I have personally conducted property inspections met by a representative of Elders Real Estate Paddington (formerly That’s Property) and have observed the good relationship that exist between the tenant and the Elders Real Estate Paddington (formerly That’s Property) representative. This instils confidence in me as a Landlord that their management skills and style is working.  I would certainly recommend Elders Real Estate Paddington (formerly That’s Property) to any prospective Landlord. Yours sincerely, Mark Moses” – Landlord

“Dear Anna, Thank you for keeping us informed with regard to rent not paid on time.  We truly appreciate the excellent service you provide for us and therefore have the most trust in your office that you will resolve any “problem” that presents.  Thanks again,Ross and Kristine Pocock” – Landlord

“As you probably know, settlement of the sale of my property occurred at 2.15pm today.  I just wanted to let you both know how very grateful I am for your expert assistance and co-operation in both the sale and also your management of the property rental for the past two and a half years.  You chose terrific tenants (please thank them too for me) who were great and never missed a beat.  There were no issues whatsoever with the management of the property, which was expertly handled at all times and without any fuss.  I always knew what was happening and the rental position was reported to me like clockwork.  You handled the sale without fuss and with great skill and everything you predicted would happen came to pass as you said it would.  Steve, you handled the questions from the purchaser about the property report with great competence and showed a wonderful knowledge of what to do in those circumstances.  You were also both very honest and straightforward – exactly the type of people I am happy to deal with.  I have no hesitation in recommending you to manage any rental property or sell real estate.  You may quote me on that. Best wishes to you both and thank you again!  Cheers, Gareth Johnson”

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