Traditional Brand for New Generation

Elders Real Estate Paddington brings the weight and history of Elders to Brisbane CBD. With strong linkages to rural communities country wide the brand carries with it values of honesty, integrity and loyalty. The Paddington office aims to maintain these values in the local community.

Elders has been in business for over 175 years and the Elders Real Estate Paddington team are some of the most experienced sales and property management professionals in Brisbane. Ask yourself, who do you trust?

Brisbane has come a long way since people first started settling here centuries ago. Elders Real Estate has been a part of that journey for many people over many generations however in an ever growing property market there are new opportunities around every corner for people to live it in their own way. It is not about where we have come from, it is about where we are going. We want to help you on your journey.

The featured image, photographed in 1898, is a picture of the Paddington Hills.  Sourced courtesy of State Library of Queensland

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